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Your Lens, my lens

What do I mean by "your lens, my lens"? This is how we see the world, ourselves and others. We see things from our own perspective. We so often assume, myself included, that everyone sees things the same way as we do. Sometimes that can be true, but most often times not. Jay Shetty had a great example today on his Instagram. If you are wearing red glasses and no one else is, what does everything around you look like? Well, everything will look red to you, but to no one else. I think this was so spot on and helpful! I know I go into situations thinking everyone is coming from my perspective. I think to myself now, how can I think that? They didn't have the same morning as me. They didn't have the same upbringing as me. They may not even believe spiritually the same as me. I try to remember this when there are arguments or any sort of disagreements. This is something that I learned a long time ago in another way. When reading the New Testament in the Christian Bible, there are sometimes 4 different versions of an event regarding Jesus. People can get pretty worked up over this "discrepancy". It is not a discrepancy, but each writer had a different perspective on the event. It doesn't mean anyone was wrong, but that is how each man saw it happen. God uses these different views for all of the different personalities that read His word. Pretty cool! God created Neuroscience, it has just taken us a LONG time to understand it. Ha!

If you can remember the example of the red glasses, I promise you that your life will become so much better. You will learn to see others' points of view. (And not be so angry over it!) Try this new way of viewing the world around you. Tell me what you think and if this helps you.

Have a fantastic week!

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With Abundance and Love, Cyndi

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