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Why have a "why"?

We hear this all of the time, "What is your why?". For those that are younger and may be reading this, you may have not have heard this before. We ask ourselves, what motivates me? What makes me want to hit my goals? This is something you should be asking yourself often, even daily. Every morning before I get out of bed I ask myself the following questions. 1. Who do I want to be today? 2. How do I want to interact with others? 3. What skills must I develop? 4. How can I make a difference and serve with excellence today? I ask myself these questions to help me find my "why" each day. Your "why" is your reason for all that you do. It can apply to how to interact with others, how you do your job, how you behave in school, or your motivation for your sport. These are just a few examples. There is no bad answer to your why, UNLESS you are doing it for someone else, to please a person. I am not talking spiritually, but a living person. If you are living your life for another person, you will be disappointed. If you are doing it to help another person, that is very acceptable. Humans are flawed and there is no perfect person. (except Jesus)

My "why" for my business is to help others grow and succeed in life. My financial "why" is for my family. I love to help provide everything they need. My "why" for my workout/fitness goals are for me. I enjoy working out and feeling good about myself. I love the sense of accomplishment I get every day. Can you see how this works? Your "why" can be different for so many things. If you don't have your "why" today, take a few minutes to yourself and think about it. Write it down and put a date on it, that way you will have it to go back to whenever you need it. Believe me, we ALL forget about our "why" from time to time. Make as many "whys" out as you need. A little bit of advice, don't tell everyone you are doing this, do it for YOU. Take quiet time out, no people, phone, TV, or computer, just you and your thoughts.

I would love to hear what some of your "whys" are! Send me an email, let me encourage you today.

Until next week. You CAN do it!! I believe in YOU!!

Love and abundance, Cyndi

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