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Why affirmations for your emotions?

Affirmations are known widely throughout neuroscience and the personal development world. Why would an athlete need affirmations for their emotions? Emotions dictate a lot of what we think, who we are, and how we behave. Someone that is void of emotion is usually categorized as mentally unstable. As much as some don't like emotions, it is the balance of a stable life. Not enough emotion can be a mental illness and too much can be a mental illness. God has created us with the desire to be balanced and some of the time...well, we just aren't. Whether it is exciting times, puberty, hormones, testosterone, life changes, life challenges, or tragedies. Affirmations can help change your conscious thoughts, then through a lot of practice, change your subconscious. This is the study of neuroscience and it is fascinating! As athletes, we have a lot of emotion coursing through us at different times. In practice we get excited when we hit the skill or goal we have been working toward. And the opposite happens when we don't hit the skill or goal. This gives us so much happiness or frustration and everything in between! When we learn to control our though patterns and think more positive thoughts, we have only good things come of it. Affirmations can help you gain control of those thoughts that could possibly be spinning out of control and gain clarity again.

Here are a few affirmations to help you with your emotions

1. I am ready to do this

2. I am capable

3. I can do whatever it is that I set my mind to

4. I am a good ______ (name your sport affiliation)

5. I am in control

7. I can reassess and take on my next challenge

8. I am calm

What do you think? Do you think affirmations can positively affect your outcome in practice, workout, and games/meets/tournaments? I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on this.

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