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What are your goals?

This is something we hear all of the time. This echoes through our minds from our parents, to the teachers we have had (or still do), to our spouses/significant other, to our coaches. In American culture this is instilled in our homes from a very young age. Sometimes it is spoken about a lot, and sometimes not so much. I grew up always hearing about goals from all sorts of places in my life, even in the church! Yes, even God likes to hear about goals! This mindset is spoken about all throughout the Bible. From the beginning of time all the way through to the end. The 10 commandments are goals. Never looked it at that way? Now look at the commandments and see it through this new lens. What does the term "sin" mean? It is an archery term that was used back in the day. It means to "miss the mark". If you are missing the mark, that means you have a target/goal you are trying to hit. Although, we are in the New Testament time and we are in the Age of Grace. Even in the NT, Jesus gives us commandments which can be looked at as goals. "Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind and strength." "Love your neighbor as yourself". Also, "Go into all the world and make disciples". These are all goals. They are a place where Christians strive to be, what they desire to do in their lives. My point being this, goals are GOOD! There is nothing wrong with setting goals. I wrote about that a little bit last week. Having goals gives you a drive, a motivation, an energy. This is important in every single sport out there. If you don't have something you are trying to attain, then what is the point? You can still have fun and have goals. For some reason in this society we have become a group of people that say goals are bad or "exclusive". No, they are trying to achieve "the best" in your life that you can. It is personal, you are not making goals to compare to others, but to be your best. If someone has a different goal than you in your sport, let them! There is nothing out there that says everyone has to have the same goal. An example of this is youth sports. Let's take a club sports that start when kids are young like soccer or gymnastics. There is nothing that says your goal has to be the Olympics or making the pros. Just as easily you can have a goal of having your best season yet, or to make the college team, or to get off the injury list, or college team. There are SO many goals that you can come up with. Don't feel like your goal is not big enough. Your goal is YOUR goal. It is not your parent's, coach's (although they help you attain it!), your friend's, or your partner/spouse's. Believe in yourself! Keep growing, keep trying. And as my daughter loves to say, "Never, ever give up"!

Next week I want to talk about how to set your goals in sports or life. I already can't wait to write about it!

Have anything to add to my blog today? I would love to hear what you have to say. Have a fantastic week!

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