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Set an alarm

We all get busy, right? Especially this time of year, we all have a lot of things going on. It is sometimes hard to find time for ourselves. I learned a new thing to do to help me remember my self care throughout the day. Set my alarm in my phone! How stinking simple is that? First, think of three things that you need to remind yourself of at different intervals of the day. Things that are like affirmations or positive statements that help you with whatever journey or path you are on. I set one in the morning, early afternoon, and early evening. Be sure and hit the recurrent daily alarm. I have a Samsung phone, so I use the "Keep Notes" app. It lets you set an alarm without having to use your calendar. You can use that if it works best for you. Whatever you have will work. It just won't work if you don't do it. ;) Here are some examples that I use; Focus on the positive direction that I am going not where I WISH I were going, I have an abundance of time today, Be present. Those are just a few things, but the possibilities are endless. Be sure and taylor it to you and your needs. High achievers and high performance gurus all teach this little trick. I hope this can help you too!

Let me know what your affirmations or positive statements are. I love hearing from you!

Have a great week!

Love and abundance,


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