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Is it ok for your goals to change?

The short answer to this is, well, it depends. Most of the time it is a resounding YES! Things change, life changes constantly. The only consistent thing in life is change. You need to examine why you want the change. Be sure and check your motives. It is not alright to change your goals when you are getting scared or having a "fix" mindset. By this I mean the negative self-talk we tend to have. An example of this would be, "I just can't do that skill, so I am going to stop now". You are telling yourself that you can't, and what happens then? You won't, plain and simple. Your goal will not be achieved by just wishing for it. It takes work. Work is not always fun. It can be painful, tiring, hard, and exhausting. The end result of hitting your goal needs to keep you going. As I blogged about last week, you need to know what you want that end result to be and how it will make you feel. It is an incredible feeling to meet goals, big or small. That is why I encourage YOU to make both big and small goals. There should be a time of celebrating in the midst of trying to hit the big goals. For a gymnast, that may be getting that skill you have been working for over 9 months to a year, but the big goal is the next level. If you don't hit the small skill goal, you won't have what you need to hit the big goal of the next level up.

Going back to something I said at the beginning about "wishing" for a goal. I am not talking about visualizing. Visualizing is so important in sports. Did you know that when you visualize doing a physical activity your brain actually thinks you are doing it? The brain fires as if you are in the activity presently. That is why you see so many professional athletes visualizing. They know how important it is. And while I am on this, don't visualize making mistakes. Visualize the perfect game, goal, skill, routine, and so on. This tells your brain that you are able to do it perfectly. It downloads into your muscle memory. Our brains are so amazing!

Good luck with your goals!! YOU CAN DO IT! Let me know if I can help you formulate a plan for your goals and help you stick to it, and achieve it.

Next week I will be on vacation with my family. I can't wait to write to you again in 2 weeks! Love and abundance, Cyndi

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