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I have an injury, what's next?

Well, this is the story of my daughter's life. As a high level competitive gymnast, this is something she and her teammates deal with usually 1-2 times a year. Today I got a call from her gym that she has been injured and I needed to come get her. In 9 1/2 years this is the first time this has happened. She has had many, many injuries, but nothing so bad that I had to come get her. We won't know more until tomorrow when she goes to her Orthopedists. It was a toe injury, but to what extent we don't know. Any of you that are in active sports, and those that aren't, know that the toes are vitally important. And for a gymnast, they are the utmost of importance with the need for balance.

The reason I am writing about this today is because I felt like it was a big change for me and for her. Normally when she gets injuries we become anxious and worried. Today was different for her and for me. For over a year now she and I have been working hard on "growth mindset". Both of us have been putting into practice the things I talk about in my blog, social media, and YouTube videos. It was so exciting to see that we handled this with ease! It was so exciting to recognize and see that it is becoming second nature to take things in stride, and that it is not the end of the world. Honestly, in this day and age and with science, very few injuries are career ending. They may stop you for awhile, but not end you. There are some bad ones though, don't get me wrong! And then there is a time to retire from your sport, but that is another topic for another time. :) I want to use this example of my life and my daughter's life to show you that you can change. It is very possible. It takes daily work and mindfulness, but it can be done. When things go wrong, stop, access, and try to see things for the way they really are, not the emotion running through your body. This has been one of the biggest changes in my life. And boy, it was a challenge!

Next time you are injured in your sport or injured in any way, take a step back. Things heal naturally, we have amazing modern medicine (as well as the natural and holistic way), and our amazing brains that God has given us promote healing too! Keep your body, mind, and soul balanced and you will be able to handle these situations the best way possible. It doesn't mean you might not be scared or worried at first. Just don't allow those feeling to take over. If you are struggling with these things, I have ways to help! Please contact me by phone, text or email.

Remember, you CAN do it!! I believe in you!

With love and abundance, Cyndi

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