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I Am Enough

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

This is a statement that is floating all through the self care and motivational circuits. The answer is yes and no. In some ways, yes, yes, you are! I want to shout that from the mountaintop! We are wonderfully and fearfully made by our Creator. Who spoke everything into existence. Don't think words don't matter, the entire universe was created with words.

You are everything that God has made you to be. When it comes to our daily activities whether it be home, job, school, relationships, and sports, sometimes we aren't enough. As hard as that is to swallow it is because we don't give it our all. I am not talking about the break we need for our mind, bodies, and souls at times. I am talking about when we cheat. We cheat ourselves and those around us when we don't give it as much as we can. We cheat ourselves out of the opportunity to be everything God has created you to be. He has made you and formed you to be your unique self. There are times in life when we are searching to find out what we are supposed to be doing and how we go about doing it. While you are trying to find that out, don't use it as an excuse not to be everything you can. Or when you are working day in and day out to reach a goal, you can still be enough. Don't let your negative subconscious come in and tell you that you are NOT enough, because you ARE! Some people would say the devil comes in and whispers this in our ear too. Either way, you tell that thought, "NO!! I am enough, and I will give each day my all". This is something that I still have to do. I am always a work in progress. It does get easier though. You will start to reprogram your brain to think more positive thoughts about yourself.

YOU ARE ENOUGH! (so, start acting like it) ;)

With love and blessings,


I would love to hear your thoughts on this, send me an email or text and tell me how you feel about this.

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